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Andy Ng

Artistic Director & Chief Researcher
Acting Research Centre / Freelance  Actor, Director (Hong Kong)

Andy is an acclaimed actor who was lauded for his role in Tang Shu-wing’s Titus Andronicus (2012) that played in the Globe Theatre for the World Shakespeare Festival.

In 2009, he performed in the inaugural play, Kuo Pao Kun’s The Spirits Play, of the Traditions & Editions Theatre Circus, a theatre collective established by ITI alumni, as well as facilitated Creative Lab, a presentation of eight solo works that were the responses by eight artists to the play. The Spirits Play went on to the 12th Bharat Rang Mahotsav, a major theatre festival in India, after opening in Singapore. He has created works such as Whisper of Love presented by Unlock Dancing Plaza in Hong Kong and Ending the World commissioned by the Hong Kong Arts Festival 2006.

He has also spent time in Taipei for a cultural exchange project involving On & On Theatre (Hong Kong), Shakespeare’s Wild Sisters (Taiwan) and a Japanese company, each creating a new work based on a different section of Dante’s Divine Comedy.

From 2010 to 2013, Andy was a lecturer at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts from 2010 to 2013.

Aside from his ITI qualifications, Andy also holds a Master of Arts in East/West Theatre Studies from Middlesex University, U.K.

He is currently Artistic Director & Chief Researcher of Acting Research Centre in Hong Kong and a freelance actor, director and acting teacher of “Psychophysical Acting Training”.