Li Xie

Freelance Theatre Practitioner (Singapore)

Currently a freelance theatre practitioner, Li Xie performs, writes, directs and teaches Russian Director Vsevolod Meyerhold ’s Biomechanics in LASALLE College of the Arts and SOTA (School Of The Arts Singapore). 

She has undergone training from Odin Teatret, Biomechanics by Gennadi Bogdanov (Russia), Alexander Technique by Niamh Dowling (UK), Commedia Dell'arte by Antonio Fava (Italy) and Theatre of the Oppressed workshops by Headlines Theatre (Canada), and mask making from Donato Sartori (Italy).

In 2012, Li Xie set up SOBX - School of Biomechanics for Theatre. After 11 years of research, teaching and revising the system by incorporating “Heart Sutra”, she brought her unique actor training to Taiwan in 2013 for the first time.

Her works include The VaginaLogueLittle White Sailing BoatHouse of Sins and mockumentary newspaper theatre NewsBusters!. In 2011, she collaborated with the renowned Hong Kong Experimental Theatre Zuni Icosahedron to stage Hundred Years of Solitude in Hong Kong and at the Singapore Arts Festival.

Formerly associate artistic director of Drama Box (Singapore) for community theatre, Li Xie has worked with youth, women, elderly, and prisoners from Singapore Selarang Drug Rehabilitation Centre. She has also directed, written and facilitated forum theatre pieces dealing with issues such as SARS, AIDS, domestic violence, discrimination, palliative care, immigrants and problem gambling.

She was the recipient of the Young Artist Award conferred by the National Arts Council of Singapore in 2005 and won the “Best Director” accolade in The Straits Times Life! Theatre Award 2009.

In 2014, she was invited to conceptualize a site-specific mystery theatre BODY X for the Singapore Writers Festival. Her immersive and participatory community performance The Lesson (Singapore International Festival of the Arts 2016) was nominated for “Best Director” and “Production of the Year” in The Straits Times Life! Theatre Awards. In 2016, The Lesson toured to Taiwan.