The Keynote Lectures will frame the conference theme and highlight the theme’s significant points and content elements from the perspectives of practice, history, theory, locale and genre.

Three Work Demonstrations (1.5 hours each) will be led and/or presented by theatre directors sharing their theatre-making paradigms, practice techniques and methods in the face of increasingly globalised theatre. The Demos will illustrate, using ITI actor-students, strategies, exercises, actor/performer-centered routines, movement sequences, voice and speech drills, and short scene-work excerpts.

Work Presentations (1.5 hours each) will see directors present and show, using multimedia, aspects of their own work and practice that is influenced by, embraces, responds to or resists changes arising from an increasingly globalised theatre industry.

An end-of-day Panel Discussion wraps up each day’s proceedings. Invited presenters will meet participants to answer questions, elaborate points, critique and interrogate work and discuss issues raised during the day’s proceedings.


The four-day conference is structured as such:

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
Keynote 1 — T. Sasitharan (AM) Work Demonstration 1 — Alberto Ruiz Lopez (AM) Work Demonstration 3 — Themis Lin Pei-Ann and Chongtham Jayanta Meetei (AM) Work Demonstration 5 — Frances Barbe
Keynote 2 — Prof C. J. W.-L. Wee (AM) Work Demonstration 2 — Andy Ng (AM) Work Demonstration 4 — Nelson Chia (AM) Work Demonstration 6 — Li Xie
Closing remarks — T. Sasitharan (PM) Work Presentation 1 — Abhilash Pillai (PM) Work Presentation 2 — Seng Soo Ming (PM) Work Presentation 3 — Gopalan Venu and Kapila Venu
Welcome reception (by-invite only) (PM) Panel Discussion 1 — Moderated by Clarissa Oon (PM) Panel Discussion 2 — Moderated by Noorlinah Mohamed (PM) Panel Discussion 3 — Moderated by Natalie Hennedige

Programme schedule can be downloaded here