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Theatre of Essence

By Themis Lin Pei-Ann and Chongtham Jayanta Meetei (Taiwan/India)

The nature of this work is to share the process in the making of a performer - in relation to his/her emotions and muscles within the human body. The methodology for this demonstration will be deeply inspired by Bharata's Natya Shastra and some common performance techniques of Asian traditions. Almost all the Asian performance traditions use repetition of movement of muscles as training to achieve a sense of belief, which essentially leads to a level of deep reflective thought as a kind of contemplation. This cogitation frees a performer to explore, improvise, and develop the form/style of performance.

In this session, a brief demo on how to control muscles and emotions in relation to breathing will be shared. We will be indicating a breathing technique inspired from yoga and emotions explored through the Rasa theory in Natya Shastra. Only when a performer realises and understands their breathing that s/he starts sensing her/his presence. The realisation of breathing makes the body muscles gain a deeper link of emotions. Through the repetition of breathing, we generate different emotions with the same intensities; we will show how to achieve control of mind, soul, and body on stage.