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From Form to Formless : Constructing a Conscious Mind 

By Andy Ng (Hong Kong)

What does physical form mean to an actor? It presents as a skill, yet it also imposes a physical limitation on the actor.

What does a theatrical idea mean to an actor? It presents as an aesthetic and skillful demand, yet it also easily demarcates him from experiencing alternative.
Traditional theatrical forms have their own cultural reasons; modern acting training underlines the same meaning, only that it is shaped by the pursuance of a director or directors.

Is it possible for actor training to be done by an actor him/herself? If so, what does the training means to the actor?

Reflecting on his personal training at Theatre Training and Research Practice (ITI's former name), Andy seeks to explain what formal training means to a person and to show the relationship between the conscious mind, the doing, and the multi-self of an actor.