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Prof Tadashi Uchino

Performance Studies, Intercultural Studies, Gakushin Women's College (Japan)

Uchino received his MA in American Literature (1984) and Ph.D. in Performance Studies (2001), both from the University of Tokyo. He was a professor of Performance Studies at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (1992-2017) and is currently a professor of Performance Studies at the Department of Japanese Studies, Faculty of Intercultural Studies, Gakushuin Women’s College.

Uchino is a leading performance studies scholar, whose border-crossing between Japan and the US, Japan and Europe, and Japan and other parts of Asia, including India, has been critically acclaimed in various interdisciplinary quarters of academics, artists and activists.

His publication includes The Melodramatic Revenge: Theatre of the Private in the 1980s (in Japanese, Tokyo: Keiso Publishing,1996), From Melodrama to Performance: The Twentieth Century American Theatre (in Japanese, Tokyo: U. of Tokyo P, 2001), Crucible Bodies: Postwar Japanese Performance from Brecht to the New Millennium (2009, London: Seagull Books) and The Location of J Theatre: Towards Transnational Mobilities (in Japanese, 2016, U of Tokyo Press).

Twice a recipient of the Fulbright Grant (1986-7, 97-8), Uchino has served in many Japanese academic societies, and is currently a board member for the Society of Studies of Culture and Representation (06- ). He was a contributing editor for TDR (1998-2013) and is currently an editor for Dance Research Journal of Korea. His expertise is widely recognised in performance communities and is a member of the board of directors for Kanagawa Arts Foundation, the Saison Foundation and Arts Council Tokyo, and a member of the selection committee for Fukuoka Asian Culture Prize and a member of ZUNI Icosahedron’s Artistic Advisory Committee.